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CAPA'S Job Bank is a benefit of membership and is available to members only.  To access the Job Bank and view current job listings, please log in.

Resources for Employers and Job Seekers


See the 2021 Robert Half Legal salary guide or the 2021 Special Counsel salary guide for compensation ranges based on area, position, and firm size.  


Do you know the distinction between “certified paralegal” and “paralegal certificate”?  CAPA has provided a reference guide here.  Keep in mind that while an applicant may have a paralegal certificate, he or she may not have relevant experience.  Conversely, a paralegal with several years of experience may not be certified or have a paralegal certificate. 



For More Information

To post legal jobs available at your firm or for more information about the Job Bank, please contact:

Brittany Posadas

Email  the Job Bank


Qualified Paralegal Applicants.  CAPA encourages legal employers with open paralegal positions to post available jobs with the CAPA Job Bank, giving the firm or corporation access to qualified paralegal applicants at no charge. 

How it Works.  When CAPA receives information about an open position from an employer, the position will be listed on CAPA's online Job Bank which is available to all CAPA members. Interested paralegals will contact the employer directly in the manner designated in the job listing.

Confidentiality.  Prospective employers are asked to keep our members' personal information and resumes strictly confidential.

Active Job Posting/Closed Jobs.  A legal job listing will remain active on CAPA's Job Bank for one month unless the employer contacts the Job Bank coordinator to re-post the job.  If, however, the position is filled before the expiration of 30 days, please contact CAPA so the job posting can be removed. Please let us know if you hire a CAPA member!

Job Posting.  To post to the Job Bank, please provide a complete job description that includes the following information to our Job Bank Coordinator:

    • Job title and employing firm, agency, or company name;
    • Area of law (litigation, corporate, probate, criminal, family law, etc.);
    • Employment type (full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, permanent);
    • Job description with full details, including job requirements and qualification prerequisites (e.g. word processing, billing, education, legal experience, certification, bilingual, etc.);
    • Benefits (e.g. salary, parking, vacation, insurance, retirement program, etc.);
    • Contact information or how to apply.


The CAPA Job Bank is an exclusive benefit for CAPA members to help them identify paralegal and legal assistant employment opportunities.  There is no charge to the employer or to the CAPA member for this job listing service.

Member Access. The Job Bank listings page is in the "Members Only" area of this website.  Access to and usage of this page and its contents are restricted to CAPA members only.

When You Get the Job. If you are hired for a job that was posted on CAPA's Job Bank, please let us know! 



CAPA also offers an Internship Program to student members that are enrolled in a paralegal program with an internship requirement. 

If you are an employer interested in offering an internship (paid or unpaid) to a CAPA student member to give them valuable experience in a real law office setting, please email the Internship Program Chair. 

If you are a student member interested in joining the email list of internship opportunities, please email the Internship Program Chair.

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