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Community Services.  The Community Services Committee is charged with keeping the Association informed about charitable events and organizing participation of interested members.  Past activities include participation in walks for women's shelters, the Book Fest, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, raising funds for KLRU, and sponsoring "angels" at Christmas. The Community Services Committee coordinates CAPA's "Flower Fund" to which members contribute at each luncheon meeting.

Continuing Legal Education ("CLE").  The Continuing Legal Education Committee is responsible for coordinating speakers and sponsorship of the "Lunch & Learn" seminars.  CLE is so important for each of us -- it is imperative that we provide as much as we can to our members.

Internship Program.  The Internship Program is charged with assisting student members with finding internship opportunities and keeping a list of available internship opportunities.

Job Bank.   The Job Bank Coordinator maintains the CAPA Job Bank, receives placement requests from legal employers in the area, and posts them on the CAPA Job Bank.

Membership.  The Membership Committee is responsible for everything regarding membership.  All applications and dues are received by the Membership Committee, and it oversees the annual membership renewal process.  The Membership Committee is also responsible for conducting membership drives.  Ideally, this committee is comprised of a minimum of two persons.

Mentor Program.  The Mentor Program is charged with contributing to the development of new paralegals, including providing support, guidance, and direction to new paralegals that will strengthen their links to the paralegal community and contribute to their success as paralegals.

Networking & Social Events.  The Networking & Social Events Committee is our "event committee."  This committee organizes CAPA's Christmas party and Paralegal Day event and handles any other special networking and social events such as happy hours.

Pro Bono Committee and Volunteer Legal Services Clinics.  Volunteer Legal Services and Legal Aid of Central Texas provide legal services for those who cannot afford them in the Austin area. The Austin evening clinics perform initial client interviewing and intake forms work. CAPA's "ad hoc task force" of volunteers joins the VLS evening clinics on Wednesday evenings. CAPA's volunteer liaison has been singularly dedicated to this program for many years, has been personally responsible for many volunteer hours logged toward pro bono work, and has proven long-term to be an excellent representative for CAPA and for those who care in the Austin legal community. This "committee" (volunteer group) offers you the opportunity (for only two hours a month of your time) to use your legal and interviewing skills to help those who most desperately need our community's legal services.

Programs.  The Programs Committee is responsible for CAPA's monthly luncheon meetings.  It provides speakers, prepares the reservation list and name tags for attendees, checks in participants, introduces the speakers, and draws the door prizes.  This committee, probably more easily than any other committee, can be comprised of several members -- one member can be responsible for the speaker, another for the reservations and name tags; or, it could be that one person is responsible for "everything" for one month, and then it passes to someone else for the next month. The Programs Committee is essential to providing ongoing CLE by CAPA.

Publications   The Publications Committee is responsible for compiling and publishing the Association's monthly newsletter, The Brief

Sustaining Members Liaison.  The Sustaining Members Liaison is charged with educating CAPA members about the services offered by CAPA's Sustaining Members and making it easier for them to "connect" with the right Sustaining Member. Our Sustaining Members are amazing supporters of CAPA, and they provide the services we need in our profession -- they make copies, take depositions, obtain medical records, perform investigations, make court exhibits, make/edit video tapes, help fill job vacancies -- they make it possible for us to do our jobs and do them well.

Web Team.   CAPA's website is constantly undergoing revisions and modifications. The volunteer Web Team is responsible for updating the website with current materials, calendar dates, and general content, but also for developing new areas and web pages as those needs arise. CAPA's intent is to provide an online presence and resource to help CAPA members do their jobs, as well as provide general and specific information from CAPA, its projects and programs, news, legal services, and much more. For this website to be the service that CAPA envisions, all CAPA members are urged to provide input, news, and points of interest for the website to make it the voice of its member paralegals.

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