Capital Area Paralegal Association (CAPA) is a voluntary non-profit corporation comprised of paralegals and legal assistants, students, and vendors in Austin, Texas and the Central Texas area.  CAPA was organized in September 1978 by a small group of pioneering paralegals and has since grown into the largest affiliate of NALA - The Association of Legal Assistants/ Paralegals - in Texas.



Nomination Deadline:  JUNE 1, 2015

This award will be given to a member of the Capital Area Paralegal Association, who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to pro bono service. 

Pro Bono services are defined as:  Providing or assisting to provide quality legal services in order to enhance access to justice for persons of limited means; charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental and educational organizations in matters that are designed to primarily address the legal needs of persons with limited means; or individuals, groups or organizations seeking to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties or public rights. 

CAPA has developed the Pro Bono Service Award (the “Award”).  The Award seeks to recognize an outstanding practicing paralegal who has rendered pro bono service, as defined above, and which further meets or demonstrates the following:


1.      Each nominee must be a member in good standing with CAPA.  All persons submitting nominations must also be current members of CAPA who are in good standing.

2.      The nominee must have voluntarily contributed a significant amount of time, with no expectation of remuneration, to providing or enabling the delivery of legal services to members of the public.  If a paralegal receives remuneration, whether monetary or in barter, such nominee shall be ineligible for consideration.

3.      The criteria for the Award shall not be solely based on the quantity of hours spent on pro bono, but rather on the quality of the pro bono service that has been provided.  More weight will be given to the overall impact of a nominee’s pro bono publico service and the furthering of the goals of CAPA in the area of pro bono.

4.      All pro bono service must be provided for or in the name of non-profit associations that have been awarded 501(c) certification by the Internal Revenue Service.  Pro bono service given to or on behalf of a partisan political party shall not be eligible for consideration of this award.

5.      Administrative hours (e.g., recruiting of volunteers for pro bono service, drafting articles related to pro bono service for publication, and organizing pro bono events) shall be considered when determining the recipient of the Award.

To nominate a paralegal for CAPA’s Pro Bono Award, submit a nomination under the following guidelines:

a)     Narrative format explaining why the nominee should be chosen as CAPA’s Pro Bono Services Award recipient.

b)     Nomination forms shall not exceed three (3) typewritten pages.

c)     All information regarding the identity of the nominee shall be listed at the TOP of the narrative only, including full name, address, telephone number & email address of the nominee.  Do not put the nominee’s name in the body of the nomination.

d)     Do not include any supporting letters or recommendations (narrative nomination only, is considered).

e)     Nominations that do not meet the foregoing requirements will not be submitted to the Selection Committee for consideration.

To ensure that nominations are complete and that the Selection Committee has ample information on each candidate, nominations should be submitted using the Nomination Form. 

The Pro Bono Award will be announced at the June 24, 2015 Officer Installation and Vendor Parade.  The recipient of the Award will be given a commemorative plaque honoring his/her commitment to Pro Bono Service.   

Stephanie Seuser
CAPA Pro Bono Award Committee Chair  

Nomination Form

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