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CAPA's Local Address

CAPA does not maintain a private office. It is organized and staffed by volunteer paralegals and legal assistants who work regular legal jobs in law offices, state agencies, and corporate offices. These individuals are available by phone at their work offices, at home, or via email. However, you can send U.S. Mail directly to CAPA here:

       Capital Area Paralegal Association
       P. O. Box 773
       Austin, TX  78767

CAPA's Telephone

For information on how to contact CAPA, please visit our Board and Chairs page.

Contacting Officers and Committee Chairs

For information on how to contact an Officer or Committee Chair directly, please visit our Board and Chairs page.

 Legal Services and Attorney Referrals

CAPA is not a legal aid service, nor may its paralegal members be hired for personal legal work. State regulations and the Professional Code of Ethics for paralegals prohibits paralegals from dispensing any legal advice.  Paralegals are not attorneys and cannot practice law individually but must perform all legal duties and functions under the direct supervision and guidance of an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas.

However, if you are seeking legal advice for a personal matter, please contact the following services to locate an attorney to assist you:

       Lawyer Referral Service        (512) 472-8303
       Legal Aid of Central Texas    (512) 447-7707

Updated 06.26.2014

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